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Vladimira Klumpar

Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Czech Republic, *1954

Vladimira Klumpar was born in the Czech Republic in 1954 and began her studies at the Glassmaking University in Zelezny Brod. Almost a decade later, she completes her studies at the renowned Academy of Applied Arts in Prague under the direction of renowned artist and professor Stanislav Libenskỳ. Vladimira is a recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation scholarship.

For most of her life, Vladimira was a global citizen, living between the USA, Mexico, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Her sculptures move between an architectonic exploration of form and a more organic, sensual vocabulary. True to the lessons of her teacher, Stanislav Libensky, she makes full use of the malleable properties of glass – optical geometry, colour/light density and a measured translucence, which allows us to enter a piece.

In her most successful work, we strain to resolve the perceptual distortion of simultaneously viewing the intricately textured surfaces while our eye travels through the mass of the visible interior to reach the opposite plane.

Art critic William Ganis said that ‘Klumpar’s new vocabulary and technical confidence writes a narrative … of evolving visual revelations, occlusions and comparisons – a satisfying dialogue of mystical optics and mass.’

Vladimira's work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Europe and America and is represented in public and private collections on both continents.


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