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We - son Kai and mother Andrea - have been collecting art objects ourselves since 2010. In 2016 we became aware of studio glass for the first time and in the following years we bought different works that literally give us a lot of joy every day and always put a smile on our faces.

Due to our move to Lago Maggiore at the end of 2022, we became aware of the many art galleries in Ascona. As a result, the decision matured in us to open our own gallery with an offer that was attractive to us and very cheerful in terms of colour. So either works in lively colors or also very noble works - preferably both properties combined in a single work.

So to speak, a piece of sunshine and bliss for your own four walls!

Our focus is glass art. In America and London, artworks made of glass are already well known and sought after. In our part of the world, on the other hand, there is still a gap in the market for such galleries, as various artists have assured us.

Although the Czech Republic is known to be the cradle of glass art ...


Glass sculptures are, on the one hand, UV-resistant and, on the other hand, very durable. We are happy to explain the complex and lengthy manufacturing processes and techniques in our gallery, including via an information display.
Our offer includes a wide selection of works by a wide range of artists.
Visitors to our gallery will soon notice that every single glass artist really has its own signature style.

We have six different exhibition themes in our three gallery rooms in Ascona:
  “Refreshing water” will hopefully be a long-running hit on Lake Maggiore with lots of matching blue works of art (photos, paintings and glass sculptures, especially glass waves by Ivana Masitova). Another theme in the separate room is “lovely moods” and of course “shiny glass”. But the themes of “noble dark” and “beauty of nature” are also very popular with us, just as we want to reach a very young audience with “pop art” in dialogue with uranium and monogram glass as well as metal sculptures in neon colors.

With our unique concept, we would like to introduce all art collectors to a whole new world. Anyone who has mainly bought paintings up to now will certainly find a place for a pedestal with a suitable sculpture between these paintings on the wall or in front of a window. And on the other hand, with a compilation of artworks that is as perfect as possible, we would also like to reach a large number of people who may not have had access to art before because the works in the art museum may have been too dark and in need of explanation. Hopefully we will always have many paintings by different artists to smile and laugh. Anyway, we're working hard on it!

The number of galleries on the internet is growing rapidly, and this of course allows art buyers (if they are specifically looking for it) to have a gigantic selection of artworks. And the internet presence saves the respective portal from having to rent expensive commercial premises in a well-frequented pedestrian zone. But ultimately, a photo of an artwork on the internet cannot be compared with reality at all, which is why the cooperating artists are demanding more and more physical galleries, because the 1:1 experience is irreplaceable and the original works are perceived completely differently. Unfortunately, the intensity and luminosity of the works can often not be reproduced on photos.

The works we have selected by a wide variety of artists go with extremely different furnishing styles and colors and are priced between 300 and 100,000 CHF. For Scandinavian or British style interiors, for example, we offer minimalist works

or works from nature. It is our declared goal to offer works of art that provide a lot of positive energy and a great lovely mood every single day both in your own home and at work, in the entrance area of companies, in doctor's waiting rooms and hotel entrance halls.


Accordingly, we will preferably place at least two works into a dialogue in our exhibition. This requires very time-consuming preparation and collaboration with as many different artists as possible. However, our presentations will always only be suggestions from us. All works can of course be purchased individually!


Great artworks have a positive impact on your personal living space and your work environment and can change your life forever. Don't miss out on "calorie-free happiness hormones" in your daily life!

With our commercial background, we act as art dealers. To the relief of many artists, since their works are not only to be artistically exhibited, but above all to be sold. We hope that the allround feel-good concept of our gallery will provide

a completely new and very fresh breeze in the artists' village of Ascona.


Accordingly, we are already looking forward to your future visit ... and we would like to welcome you to our homepage!

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