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Verity Pulford

Great Britain

Verity lives and works rurally in North Wales and her immediate environment provides her inspiration. Natural structures such as algae, lichen, moss, grasses, ferns, and fungi. She is interested in the complexity of life- how within each organism are other organisms, each living its own unique existence, layer upon layer of complexity yet a universal oneness, the feeling that we are all the same thing- a system, in communion, a beautiful symphony. It is this blissful, expansive and calm space that she accesses through nature which is what she is trying to communicate and share in the medium of glass.

She uses a variety of processes to create her work. She combines kilnforming, architectural and casting techniques in unique ways to create vessels, sculpture, installation, architectural and public art.

The various properties and qualities of glass also inspire the work. Verity uses its fragility, transparency, opacity, texture and ability to transmit, reflect and channel light to add further depth to her work.


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