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Ulrike Schmelter



Inspired by the romantic period, Ulrike Schmelter´s paintings approach the tournament of elements. Water- and cloudscapes are in the centre of her artistic work. Her paintings impress by their "particular perspective": looking at the pictures, they take you to a journey into unimagined hights or let you dive deep into the colours of the sea.


Ulrike Schmelter observes nature with great passion, studies cloud formations and waves, using all her imagination to transfer it later in her studio into a canvaspainting. Thus, her pictures are not based on photographes - not a realistic reproduction, but capturing moods, the fascination of the instant, is an essential characteristic of the artist´s pictorial world.

Colourful as well as light, airy and filigree motives, covering realistic and abstract elements, are expecting every viewer looking at the often large-sized paintings. 

In 2018, Ulrike Schmelter completed her painting studies at the Academy of Painting Berlin and was named a master student by Ute Wöllmann. 

Her works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as at art fairs in Germany and Spain.


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