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Tim Rawlinson

Great Britain, *1985

Tim Rawlinson studied ceramics and glass at Buckinghamshire New University, having previously studied architecture at Brighton University. After graduating in 2011, he exhibited his final work at New Designers. Here he met Peter Layton for the first time and was subsequently invited to do an internship at London Glassblowing. He was an invaluable member of the team that built and ran the cold studio. In recent years, Tim has established himself internationally as a leading glass artist. His work is currently in great demand internationally.

His solo exhibition Kumano Kudo at London Glassblowing in 2018 was a commercial and major success. He has also been featured in Europe's most prestigious exhibitions: the Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass in 2014 and the International Glass Prize at GlazenHuis in 2015.

Tim has created his own language with his simple forms, using a combination of blown, cast and polished techniques. His fascination with the relationship between light and glass has greatly influenced his work and led him to take advantage of the medium's transparent properties.

The refractive properties of glass in Tim's complex pieces create optical illusions, shadows and reflections. This manipulation and distortion of colour and form challenges the viewer's perception and creates an architecture of light and colour.

Tim has observed that society is moving at a worryingly fast pace and often demands immediate solutions. His work aims to convey our intellectual and spiritual need to slow down and enjoy our experiences.


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