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Richard Lamain

Stadskanaal, Netherlands

Self-taught artist Richard Lamain was born and raised in Stadskanaal, where he’s still living with his wife and two children.

Richard Lamain was trained as a restaurant chef, but after several years in the hospitality industry and all sorts of wanderings, he finally landed at the Willem Lodewijk gymnasium in Groningen, where he has been working for about fifteen years now.

His work is minimalist, made of clean lines and surfaces, with at most a few colors that match each other perfectly.

Much of Richard Lamain’s inspiration comes from geometry, architecture and what is known as “urbex”, an abbreviation for urban exploration. He visits, observes, and takes photographs of old factories, houses and other abandoned buildings in which life has sometimes come to a standstill and where weathering, concrete, steel and clean lines are abundantly present. Most of the time, they have already been largely invaded by nature, leading to a poetic and essential experience of space.

The urge to create something, purely on feeling or sometimes very calculated.

The creativity that has been deep inside him for a very long time but has also been locked away for a long time. Now it is fully at its right again, partly, or actually purely due to the efforts of a friend of Richard who encouraged him with his enthusiasm, to pick up painting and being busy with art which still holds true after 15 years. And Richard is very thankful for that!

Without any training or background in the art world, Richard started his own research, taught himself everything he knows and by trying and daring to do things himself he has arrived where he is today with a number of exhibitions to his name, galleries at home and abroad and the sale of works to individuals, companies and art collectors around the world, from Australia to North America and from Europe to Asia.

Richard hopes to continue developing himself in the coming years with many wonderful projects and challenges. He wants to share the journey and the joy in the works he creates and through the things he does and loves with us.


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