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Ralf Lürig

Germany, *1962

Ralf Lürig, grew up in an artist's supplies/model-making shop and developed a love of art and music, an enthusiasm for opera and theater, a penchant for bizarre humor and an almost baroque passion for collecting...

After graduating from high school, his path took him through various opera houses to study classical painting/graphics and printmaking.

After successfully completing his diploma, he worked as a church painter in Germany for ten years. He then founded his own studio with a gallery and painting school. This was followed by numerous exhibitions at home and abroad and, since 2011, collaboration with the Aida cruise ships on which Lürig's pictures are sold worldwide.

The appeal of this artistic personality lies, among other things, in his contradictions, which are reflected in his art: time-critical and haunting, but at the same time mischievous, playful and dreamy.

Today Ralf Lürig lives with his family on Lake Constance. He is very happily married and has eight children. It will come as no surprise that turbulent family life is the source of inspiration for many a picture idea...


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