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Peter Kuchler

Austria, *1991

As a representative of the third generation of a glass dynasty, the artist grew up around the subject of glass. At the age of 14, Peter Kuchler III. decided to learn the craft of glassmaking. In the in-house glassworks, the focus was on simpler everyday items and less complex and heavy objects.

Due to a lack of further training opportunities in Austria, Kuchler decided to assist other glass masters during the creative process in order to perfect the craft.

Because of Peter Kuchler's talent and desire to create outstanding glass art, his family enabled him to work with the best masters in the world.

While growing up in a glass dynasty certainly had great advantages, it also came with immense responsibility. It is precisely this strength and self-confidence that can be seen in the works of Peter Kuchler III. read off. The threshold into contemporary art means stepping into a world of uniqueness. In Kuchler's works, the senses are touched by the beauty of glass art. Kuchler defined this as follows: “Art is perceived with the senses, but it is understood with the heart.”

The skills of glassmaking are elevated to a higher level of creation. Peter Kuchler III cleverly combines his sculptural skills with liquid glass and his precise feel.

All his works reflect his unmistakable style, his signature, a network of patterns with spiral swirls. The endless swirls not only create a harmonious movement in his patterns, but rather reinforce his motto “Eternal. Unique."

Applied art and years of craftsmanship intersect with a vibrant vision of the young artist to create something of lasting and enhancing value. The eternal question about the meaning and purpose of art can be answered spontaneously with just one word: “beauty”. In Kuchler's works, even with beauty for eternity - glass for eternity.

It is important to emphasize that Peter Kuchler III. In addition to the free-standing glass sculptures, which are completed with high-quality stainless steel bases, other special works of art are created. His other works include his glass paintings. Sculptures that are thrown flat in the final step of the creation process. The flat appearance impresses with 100% characteristic, as the entire surface and therefore the entire pattern can be seen. The handmade glass discs are attached by the artist to a square, slightly shimmering glass plate. This significantly enhances the appearance of the glass work of art, as the light flooding through the back creates a delicate glow around the pane - similar to a solar eclipse.


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