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Paolo Terdich

Italy, *1960

Paolo Terdich is an artist of clear international vocation, born in Piacenza, where he currently resides, after having lived and worked in various foreign countries in Europe and Africa.

Although his works are often associated with hyperrealism, Paolo Terdich is not particularly interested in the mere representation of reality. His expression is aimed, to recreate atmospheres that lead beyond the visible, to penetrate the inner world of emotions instead. Through the representation of a “surreal realism”, which is sublimated in the cycle dedicated to water, he aims at proposing paintings that, for compositional dynamism and chromatic vivacity, communicate infinite sensations of movement, freedom, stillness, suspension.

The prevalent use of colour blue, as a symbol of tranquillity and harmony, contributes to the emotional balance generated by these works, transmitting serenity and relaxation. He is thus confronted, with rather complex compositions, with one of the most difficult challenges for a painter: the rendering of water, the story of the glitter of light on a surface in perpetual motion.

His apprenticeship and artistic maturity did not follow a classic path. Paolo Terdich initially attended various painting courses and was experimenting with different styles. His vocation initially manifested itself through a personal approach to the portrait, executed mainly in graphite and charcoal, showing the essential role of the drawing that constitutes, with the same dignity of oil works, a decisive step in the process that leads to the completion of his complex works. His pictorial language, over the years, was refined through a continuous process of elaboration and experimentation of different techniques and styles. While travelling all over the world and living in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Holland, Egypt and Nigeria, he had the was confronted with different cultures and lifestyles. All these elements contributed strongly to his artistic and personal maturation.

Paolo Terdich´s works, which have been exhibited in numerous national and international events, and have been acquired by numerous private collectors, galleries and art institutions.

His works have received awards in various competitions (e.g. the prestigious "Premio Arte") and his activity has been reviewed and published in various magazines and art books, including "Watercolor - Paintings by Contemporary Artists", in which Terdich is the only Italian artist selected among the 21 masters of watercolor.

The artist is also one of the founders (in 2011) of the artistic movement "Eoykos", composed of six Italian figurative artists of surrealistic/metaphysic expression.


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