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Nataliia Krykun

Ukraine, *1988

“Life could be as colorful and beautiful as we create it. This is my message, my philosophy and inspiration, this is my palette and my soul, this is life as I understand it.”

Nataliia initially began painting as a self-taught artist and then studied at a private art school. Since then she has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Europe. Her artworks are part of private collections in the USA, Italy, Germany and Austria.

She attempts to convey the deeply spiritual atmosphere of the present moment. Her priority is semi-abstraction and abstraction, although she works in a range of other styles and techniques.

Nataliia's paintings are energetic and characterized by the use of bold and bright colours with different textures. Using various painting techniques, she is not afraid to carry out abstract experiments with symbols and emotions and is constantly looking for solutions for her self-expression.


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