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Michael Knepper


Michael Knepper studied design, art and illustration in Trier. After graduating and receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree, he started his professional career in an advertising agency in Munich. After two years, he moved as a freelancer and artist to major clients such as Siemens, Mercedes, Adidas, Bayer, or to publishers such as Gruner + Jahr, Spiegel-Verlag, or Warner Brothers.

After two decades, he decided to turn his back on commercial work and concentrate on art that expresses himself, his life and his experiences.

Oscillating between realism, hyperrealism and pop art in combination with abstract motifs and thanks to his special technique that gives his images a liveliness and fascination, his distinctive works are all imbued with messages and symbolism. In his artistic process, Michael Knepper most often creates with oil on canvas.


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