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Matyas Pavlik

Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic, *1984

Matyas Pavlik, born in the Czech Republic in 1984, grew up between the USA and Mexico. Since both parents are glass sculptors, he was surrounded by glass and art from day one. He was exposed to different cultures, landscapes and languages. These shaped the different colors and approaches of both his personality and his style.

While studying graphic design at the University of San Francisco, he spent a semester at the Prague University of Art, Architecture and Design. Here he discovered his passion for craft work with clay and plaster and was fascinated by the limitless possibilities of kiln casting. To learn the art of cast glass - a method developed in the northern Bohemian region of Železný Brod - he moved to the Czech Republic and began working alongside his mother, Vladimira Klumpar.

In 2012, Matyas joined the design project “M.O.M” (Moje Objektove Muze), introducing him to the Czech heritage of glass making and cutting. Fascinated by the craftsmanship of this vanishing applied art, he began incorporating traditional cutting techniques into his conceptual cast glass sculptures.

The focus of Matyas' work is to explore the medium of glass through varying densities within abstract forms, the way light is refracted, redirected or absorbed, and the use of an organic yet vibrant color palette.


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