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Marco Barberio

Italy, 1971


Marco always had a passion for art and creativity, even without attending technical school.


He spent his youth in the 80s painting American graffiti and pop art. On his travels through the USA, he definitely condenses the metropolitan motifs for his realistic paintings with references to pop icons.


He calls his artistic process “sampled realism.” Sampled realism is a way of translating an abstract idea, a state of mind of the real world and everyday life, into an artistic representation, with the aim of finding a proper balance between science and art.

In contrast to hyperrealism, which is characterized by insane details that are exaggerated in every way, sampled realism is the opposite. He tends to deliberately omit details and aims to lose information. These gaps not only represent the inadequacies of our lives, but at the same time give us the opportunity to build a new reality based on our knowledge and experience.


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