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László Lukácsi

Hungary, *1961

László Lukácsi graduated at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest in 1985. Since then, he has worked as a glass sculptor. He is currently working with his son, Boldizsár Lukácsi.

When eyes behold the art glass of artist László Lukácsi, a connoisseur journeys through the history of the glass art movement in Hungary. Lukácsi’s structured training in applied arts, dedication to the traditions of the medium and the influences of his predecessors are illuminated in each of the cold-worked laminated glass sculptures. The fluid, organic shapes and optic illusions reveal not only his vision but also the laborious techniques.

László´s Lukácsi´s expressions drawn from nature and science, combined with humanity’s industrial and technical revolutions ingeniously transform his meticulous efforts into objects of beauty.

He has won many prizes over the years most notably the Prima Primissima Award 2023, both the Special and Visitors' Award of the Coburg Prize For Contemporary Glass in 2014, the Gold Prize of The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa in 2010 and The Kyohei Fujita Prize in 1992.

His works can be found in several important private and public collections such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, London (UK), Corning Museum of Glass, Corning (US), Achilles-Stiftung Glasmuseum, Hamburg (DE), European Museum of Modern Glass, Coburg (DE), Lette Glass Museum, Coesfeld (DE).


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