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Juliette Leperlier

France, *1984

Juliette Leperlier didn’t come to Pâte de Verre by chance, it’s a matter of legacy, of family tradition. Her great grandfather François Décorchemont did design the technique, then her father Etienne Leperlier and her uncle Antoine kept doing some research on this matter, medium for their art.

Juliette had all the card at hand from the beginning to carry on this artistic adventure but she didn’t want to be chosen by the matter, she wanted to decide by herself.

Juliette then followed sculpting class at the ENSAAMA school (Olivier de Serres, Paris), then passed a master’s degree in arts at the Sorbonne to study other techniques, other matters, to take some distance from the family legacy.

By the end of her studies Juliette decided not to come back to pâte de verre but to start a new exploration of the matter, pushing the limits of creation.

In 2014, she took over her late father workshop and fully committed to her creation, she became winner of the “Prix Régional des Ateliers d’Art de France”.


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