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Josef Marek

Czech Republic, *1963

The sculptor Josef Marek has been living and working between Nicosia, Cyprus and Nový Bor in North Bohemia for the past few years.

His main focus is in re-melting glass in moulds completed by glass cutting, polishing and many other glass techniques. From the moment he stepped onto the art scene, he has participated in many group exhibitions in Europe and overseas. He had seven solo exhibitions in Toyama, Japan as well as exhibitions in Paris, Frýdek CR, Malmö, The Hague, Leerdam and in Hamburg.

Josef Marek in his stunning sculptures uses natural qualities of glass mass and its ability to create the feeling of depth. His practical sculptural training and strong imagination gives him the advantage to approach this extraordinary medium from many different directions. Josef Marek, in his simple, nearly minimalistic forms – perhaps influenced by his long stay in Japan – creates unreal spaces with the mysterious feeling or some time creating objects out of glass in apparently impossible positions denying gravity to create feeling of levitating or flying or combining the glass mass with other sculptural materials. His approach is simplicity, purity and feeling of space in the glass.

Since returning to the Czech Republic, he has created more compelling and visually stimulating works influenced from the culture of the land of the rising sun. He often combines glass with natural materials (often with basalt) as illusionary space consisting of transparent and opaque mass and maximum contrasts are impressive and convincing. However, his work is dominated by sculptures made of glass. He seeks maximum simplicity but enriches it with details on the surface and inside the mass.

Josef Marek also uses other glass techniques such as structural etching and, the almost forgotten, glue-chipping surface or tarnishing. Still, he prefers Crystal glass with sealed plastic details and during the creation of his sculptures uses procedures developed over the time. He also likes to use coloured glass and its ability to create the illusion of the depth and occasionally still combines glass with other materials like stones with natural surface. This gives to his work uniqueness, individuality and unrepeatable originality.


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