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Jonathan Ausseresse

Chauffailles, France

It was in his father’s workshop that Jonathan Ausseresse discovered glass. Unlike the majority of stained glass artists, Michel Ausseresse colored his glasses himself by sprinkling metallic oxides, enamels or glass fries between two thin sheets of colorless glass. These coloring techniques totally fascinated Jonathan who never missed an opportunity to experiment with his father's cooking.

Convinced of wanting to link his life with this subject, he directed his studies towards an applied art baccalaureate in 2012, aware of the importance of an architectural vision and a culture of decorative art. The National Glass School then opened its doors to him where he successively obtained a CAP in glass decoration then a DMA in glass & crystal architectural decoration.

​At the end of his studies, he created his company for professionals where he offers enameled glass for interior decoration: art furniture, partition walls, trays... The collaborative aspect with the craftsmen of art and architects fascinates him and allows him to develop his identity.

Over time, the desire to create more personal pieces attracted him, so he imagined his first collections of art objects. His know-how in the field of enameling, thermoforming and working with volcanic rock combined with the desire for thick glass leads him to think in layers, strata which interact with each other thanks to combinations of assemblies and superpositions. With his Fluence collection, Jonathan is beginning to assert his identity at international trade fairs by offering a glass with a marked aesthetic and a meaningful production process. Today, his objectives are to continue his technical research on enamelling to get as close as possible to his aesthetic ideals and share his vision of glass.


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