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Javier Gómez

Ávila, Spain, *1957

Javier Gómez was born in 1957 in Pedro Bernardo, Ávila, Spain. He is a self-taught artist who had his first contact with glass in his family’s industrial glass workshop in 1971, where he learned the techniques of industrial glass, the basis of his later artistic development.

By gluing the differently shaped glass plates together, Javier realises his often very complex and daring designs. Trained in the workshop of his family's company, which produced window glass, he shows his perfect command of the basic cold glass techniques (grinding, cutting and polishing), combined with other techniques such as sanding, or treating the glass with acid. As a result he is able to change the individual character of the glass in such a way that it sometimes appears to be a completely different material.

Javier Gomez’s sculptures are abstract representations, sometimes tending towards the figurative. In the tension field between interior and exterior, the endless number of different shapes surprise us over and over again and invites us to observe the pieces of art from all possible angles.

Javier Gómez and the City Hall of Alcorcón are founders of the MAVA – Alcorcón Art Museum of Glass in the greater area of Madrid, Spain. He is also lifetime artistic advisor of the museum.

Javier Gómez makes use laminated glass as a basis for his creative expression; he is currently one of the most important glass artists of Spain. As a true evangelist he is committed himself to promote the many possibilities of ‘glass art’ in Spain and abroad.


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