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Haruna Ohki

Okayama, Japan, *1994

Haruna Ohki is a Japanese artist based in Akita, Japan. The starting point of her work is the limitation of materials and the creation of works by tinkering with them. What is possible and what is impossible with limited materials? Between possible and impossible, she views glass as a medium for manifesting the immaterial. Haruna Ohki tries to capture the things that we feel in our daily lives but that are hidden in the universe.

Haruna completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees in glass at the Aichi University of Education, Japan in 2018.

Since then her works have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Japan and Germany and also won awards like the Tsuchiya Prize in 2020 and the Jun FUJITA Prize at the International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa in 2019.

Haruna Ohki´s works can be found in private collections as well as the public collections of Hitachinokuniizumotaisya, Ibaraki, Japan and the Notojima Glass Art Museum.


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