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Harry Pollitt

USA, New Mexico, Santa Fe

Harry Pollitt was born in Wayne, New Jersey in 1946. His career in art began in 1968 during his military service. Back then, he stumbled upon a sailor sitting outside his apartment whittling a piece of wood. He was hooked. Harry Pollitt went into the nearby woods, found a downed tree, broke off a manageable piece and created his first sculpture by using the only tool he possessed - a 6-inch hunting knife.

The result of that effort was an abstract carving of a shipwreck. After leaving military service in 1969, his woodworking efforts moved into pure woodcarving. Creating wooden chains, caged balls, small animals, jewelry, and later, ornamentally carved gun stocks.

Wood has been his perfect material he loved for forty years. Harry Pollitt loves the feel, smell, colour and character of it.

In 2009, his fire for creating sculptures was lit again by a man named Ted, who introduced him to cast glass sculptures. Since then, Harry Pollitt has gained much knowledge about working with glass. His art is completely self-taught. “All my bad habits come from places other than the classroom!” he says.


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