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Guillermo Heinze

Patagonia, Argentina

Guillermo was Born in Patagonia, Argentina but he travelled the world to get as many experiences as he could for working with dichromate gelatin holograms.

He gained his knowledge during his visits and studies at The Light Foundry, DCG Holographic research, with August Muth in Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA), the Holocenter of the Arts, Pulse Laser Holography Workshop at the Ohio State University in Colombus (Ohio, USA), at the Center for Korea Holography Art & Sciences, at the Korean National University of Arts as well as at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany.

In 2015 he started the Light-Kitchen, a laboratory for dichromate gelatin holograms in Hamburg, Germany in cooperation with the Light Foundry from Santa Fe.

Since 2018 he lives and works in Cologne. His new holographic art studio is a vibrant space were technology, science and arts fusion.

Guillermo´s works can be found in many private collections as well as public collections such as The Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection, London, UK, the Center for the Holographic Arts, New York, USA, Kun Shan University, Tainan, Taiwan and in the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany.


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