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Günter Müller

Germany, *1956

Günter Müller began painting very early in his childhood. Line drawings were the beginning, as with every child. At the age of 12 he started painting in oil, primarily landscapes.

From the age of 23 he liked Victor Vaserely's pictures. These influenced him so that he painted some pictures in Op Art. This was followed by a period of trying things out. Primarily abstract works, including colour gradients, were created.

The next big step was oil paintings with a squeegee. Gerhard Richter served as a great role model for Günter Müller. What appealed to him was the indefinable, random creation of an image. However, this technique requires a lot of effort, so after he had created some acceptable works, he looked for a new technique.

This took place with the change in painting media. The oil paints were replaced with acrylic paints. Günter Müller was now completely free to develop and created numerous works using the spray technique, which is often compared to Pollok, but has a completely different approach.

The focus here is on colour and only colour. What looks like a uniform structure is, however, very different in detail. The goal is to paint beautiful, interesting pictures that are good for the eye. In addition, the aspect of light plays a major role. Depending on the lighting, the appearance of the work can be changed. If Günter Müller were to assume that the light was not so bright, then the contrasts between light and dark would have to be very strong. In bright light, the wonderful luminosity of the colours comes into play.

At the same time, Günter Müller paints pictures that only develop through the painting process. But everything should be abstract. He also experiments with rust. When applied to wood, the work of art appears as if it were made of iron.

“Ultimately, I always try to develop something new. There is no limit for me. The beauty of my art is the maximum freedom and creativity that I can develop here,” says Günter Müller.

Today, the trained banker and stock market trader lives with his wife in the immediate vicinity of the idyllic Segeberger Lake and loves and enjoys nature.


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