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Fiaz Elson

Great Britain


Fiaz has been captivated by glass as a child when she shattered one of her parents’ glass vessels. In the shards, she observed the multi-coloured fractals of light glittering in the sunlight. Since then, her relationship with glass has become ever closer through her work and experience with glass as a material.


Fiaz glass sculptures are expressive in their form, provoking an emotional and intellectual response. She investigates form and volume to communicate and respond to the material but also to create tension and contradictions. They explore our emotive worlds; experiences and memories that make us who we are. We all have several sides to our personalities and, consciously or unconsciously, we reveal or keep them hidden. This concept is expressed through the use of curves, angles, line, color and space.

Keeping the sculptures minimal, their powerful presence naked of pattern or texture, allows the glass itself to convey the concept. 

Fiaz Elson trained in Fashion and Design, Fine Art and Silversmithing before studying Glass Design, gaining a BA Honors degree. Since graduating she worked and trained with several Well known artists before setting up her own professional practice in London. 

Her mastery of the material, innovation and techniques have established her as one of the most significant and original glass sculptors in the UK. Constantly selected to show at important exhibitions in the UK and in Europe; representing British Glass makers including the British Glass Biennale, Coburg Glass Prize Germany, Modern Masters in Munich and the Glazen Huis, Belgium Glass Museum. Elson also works as a design consultant and teaches programs, most recently the Royal College of Art, London; Plymouth and Swansea Universities. 

Her works are in several private and public collections in USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and the UK.


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