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Corinna Rosteck

Germany, *1968

“In my (moving) images I deal with people, their longings in connection with their body in dance and the liquid.”

Corinna Rosteck grew up in Ibiza and Hamelin. She works as a freelance artist with photography, video art and installation. After scholarships in London, Paris, New York and Japan, she now lives and works in Berlin.

The artist has developed special printing techniques on reflective materials and surfaces that are unique in terms of lighting technology. She has created immersive spaces with video installations for performances and art-in-architecture projects for well-known companies. Her work can be seen regularly in exhibitions at home and abroad as well as at international art fairs.

Water and dance are the central themes of Corinna Rosteck's painterly photographic works. In her pictures she asks about location, change and dissolution, about dreams and reality.

Accompanying productions by well-known dance companies and solo dancers, she develops photo series and video installations that are exclusively dedicated to the creation of her work and are created in collaboration and dialogue with the performers. The images are projected onto the dancers and staged into a total work of art through the interplay of light, space and music.


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