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Christian Beuraud

Nancy, France


The discovery of glass as a material was the trigger for a radical change in Christian Beuraud's life: he left behind a career as a computer scientist and completed a glass paste course at CERFAV in Vannes-le-Châtel before starting his artistic activity.


He is attentive to everything that makes a piece of glass come to life, and has the curiosity of a child and the stubbornness of an explorer. He starts with a question, formulates hypotheses, builds experimental processes, observes and then defines his goals. It combines craftsmanship, inventiveness and artistic research.

It is the material glass and crystal that his sculptures invite you to explore, in a sometimes mineral, sometimes aquatic environment, where veils and bubbles frozen in their waves preserve the memory of the liquid state of molten glass.


Shapes with clear curves intertwine, compose, draw the void and give body to the light.


-Lucy Roy


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