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Birgit Köbliz

Leipzig, Germany, *1960

Birgit Köblitz was born in Leipzig in 1960. From 1979 to 1985 she completed her studies in glass design at the University of Art and Design in Halle-Burg Giebichenstein. She has been a freelance artist in Nagymaros, Hungary since 1986. She has been doing studio glass work since 1993.

Birgit is mainly interested in the transparency of glass, as its unstoppable strength is woken up by the colours that run through it. She likes the dialogue with the material as its condition, its surface and transparency changes when it warms up and then it returns, freezes into a picture full of the experiences of all the changes it went through. For this, she invents decorative elements, drawings and figures and then place them into exciting compositions.

In her latest creations she playfully combines different techniques with which she reaches new forms of expressions, although the arch motif is an always returning metaphor.

Under the arches protected, above the arches floating. In front of the gates, waiting ...on waving ground ... on winding roads ... - the world is colorful and sometimes the gray shades are fetching. This is a well-known, recurring story that still hides so many interesting discoveries.

For Birgit, the creation of autonomous glass objects and architectural glass design are closely related. The usage of coloured glass in architecture is a very responsible task because it influences our soul directly. The given space and its air are always inspiring, they are the source of her creativity.

In addition to many solo exhibitions, Birgit Köblitz took part in numerous important exhibitions at home and abroad, including the International Glass Biennale in Sofia (Bulgaria), together with the Hungarian glass artists in the glass museums in Frauenau, Coesfeld-Lette (Germany) and Zadar (Croatia), International Glass Kanazawa (Japan). Her work is represented in all the permanent collections of these museums.

In recognition of her artistic work, she received the Hungarian State Prize for Applied Artists.


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