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Antimo Bertolino



The deliberate and impeccable technique of wooden sculptures carved and then painted with acrylic paints is the result of a self-taught path in which the work of a restorer coexists with that of the artist in the works of Antimo Bertolino, uniting contemporary artistic production with that of the great workshops of the past.

Antimo had several masters from distant artistic fields; The result is a contamination that can certainly be attributed to Art Nouveau, learned with the techniques of restoring antique furniture or in goldsmithing, but also from more modern artistic movements: spatialism, op art and minimalism are all present in the artist's sculptures .

Because they are executed on wooden panels, the works look like paintings at first glance; However, if you take the time to observe the waves engraved in them, new paths open up for the viewer.


Starting from physical experimentation, mediated by the sense of sight, the mind calms down and with it every attempt to conceptualize the work. You allow yourself to be carried away by the sensual pleasure created by the movement of the monochrome colour, alive and dazzling by the carvings that refract the light and by the inner space suddenly in line with the outer.


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