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The visual artist Antide uses the colour gold to express the lights of the south, as well as the omnipresent beauty that he believes lies at the heart of all things. Just like a reflection on the sea or like an enchanted memory in the human mind, his works of art are tangible for everyone.

His creations - either on metal, wood, stone or canvas - mix with gold leaf to suspend colours and time for a few moments. Even in archaeology there is a poetry of time, the revelation of the drama that takes place in the more fleeting moment, a certain idea of permanence.

For a moment, Antide tries to preserve eternity under a thin layer of gold. Like a kiss or like a dawn that falls on the wave and the wind, the golden reflection of a sun that would never set. Every morning he leans over the Mediterranean as if on a cradle and unites the sky and the sea in a golden light that dazzles with beauty. Only shapes and movements appear in relief.


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