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Alison Vincent

Great Britain

Alison Vincent brings life to her experiences in extreme, remote locations by using glass.

Her first glassblowing experience was in 2012 and she immediately became addicted! For several years she blew a few days a year. In 2019 she jumped ship from a packaging consultant to focus fully on glass.

Alison Vincent traveled the UK hiring studios and the owner for one-to-one tuition and attend masterclasses. It’s slow and awfully expensive but the best way to learn and develop her skills and style. Learning glass skills to a proficient level and access to the few studios available for hire are extremely difficult and expensive.

She has only 100 glass days under her belt and it takes 7 years of daily blowing to be called a master. But Alison Vincent is determined to accelerate her career in glass blowing, so she opened her own studio in January 2023 with hot and cold shops in South Buckinghamshire, UK.

She loves shaping liquid glass into unique sculptures and enjoys the clarity, refraction and magnification. Alison Vincent blends ancient techniques with play and innovate.

Wilderness and the natural world inspire her. The fragility and the beauty of the earth’s diversity and ecosystems. She is energised by her passion and experiences with extreme nature - especially polar wilderness locations - and the amazing life, beauty and treasures they contain.

Alison Vincent is privileged to have been on 3 expeditions to Antarctica including scuba diving and sailing to and from South America and 4 expeditions to the Arctic including sailing from Norway to Svalbard and swimming with orca and humpbacks.

She spent a year travelling in South America and is grateful for all her trips to fascinating and remote locations, amazing landscapes and incredible wildlife.

Alison Vincent combines her travels, sports and wonder of nature with her passion for glass in her glass art.


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