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Ralf Kunstmann


"back to the roots"

Ralf Kunstmann's photorealistic painting technique stands out from other painting techniques due to its exceptional level of detail and astonishing depth of field.

Compared to traditional painting techniques, which often involve a certain degree of interpretation and abstraction, Kunstmann strives to depict his subjects as lifelike as possible. He uses a combination of digital tools and traditional techniques to reproduce textures, lighting effects and shadows with incredible precision. His ability to capture the finest details and nuances in his works sets him apart from many other artists.

While in classical painting brushstrokes and the artist's individual signature remain visible, Kunstmann aims to minimize these elements in his photorealistic works to achieve an almost photographic quality. This technical mastery, coupled with his ability to convey emotional depth and a strong visual narrative, makes his artworks fascinating studies of reality that often make the viewer question the boundaries between painting and photography.

His works are shown in exhibitions both nationally and internationally and can also be found in private collections.


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