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Petér Borkovics

Hungary, *1971


The very first thing that interested Péter was the fact that glass is liquid. Every object made of glass goes through different machines, techniques and professional tricks until it reaches its final stage. When he left high school, he became interested in wired glass - how the framework captures this type of glass when it is deformed, leaving an exciting flow.

His previous glass pieces had organic shapes. His geometric, striped blocks, on the other hand, are simple prisms on the outside. The shapes become more hectic on the inside; it looks as if he has turned them inside out. The colored glass panes are melted and the heat creates colors and shapes inside.

The continuous parallel stripes symbolize the harmony of nature and the eternal cycle of time. This is where we were born; we are a part of it. The round or rectangular frame in the center expresses human presence; accurate thinking. The turning of these circles and squares shows the ever-changing civilization and the way we think.


The struggles of the time we fill with our lives, the moments lived, the tiny speck of dust in the eternal and unimaginable universe. It is like a stone thrown into the water, the person is born and something has changed. Both types of shaping require different types of people. The cold shaping requires a calmer, more thoughtful, more consistent personality and suggests unlimited time. The hot is the fire itself. It is virtuosic, energetic, experienced, forward-looking and sensitive, improvisational, transformative, alive.


Péter dealt with the union of these two types. The creative spark of the hot glass is united with the purity, transparency and play of light of the cold glass. It was created as a stroke of genius, matures in the atmosphere of inspiration, and we complete it as an experienced master, as it is worthwhile in our own aesthetic culture. This can only be achieved with the forces of love and humility. It is very exciting!


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