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Karin Mørch

Denmark, *1977

Karin Mørch has dedicated her career to glass, just like her parents. Her father Torben Jørgensen has been active in glass for almost 50 years, not only as a famous designer and creator of glass objects, but also as a glass teacher and constructor of glass kilns. Karin's mother, Jytte Mørch, works mostly with glass pictures. As a teenager, Karin earned some pocket money helping her parents.

Today she enjoys her father's help and advice as she pursues her own work and has the luxury of using the different equipment in her parents’ glass workshop. Working with mould-cast sculptures, Karin's artistic vocabulary includes organic zoomorphic forms, graphical lines and soundwaves expressing movement.

Karin’s inspiration often derives from simple expressions and in the contrast between the linear and the tilted. She sees beauty in the natural realm of geometry, in architecture and in her own experiences with other people: the various ways of human expression such as music, dance and words. She is also hugely influenced by the characteristics of her chosen material, the unique properties that can only be found in glass, it’s transparency and ability to create optical abstractions, or as Mørch like’s to put it: “reflections of the world as she sees them”.

Her starting point is to create space whilst also giving form. This process is often repeated and through that action, variations occur with new developments, where additional ideas or even new shapes can arise. This process of continuous change is the key element that keeps, retains and even drives the artist’s curiosity.


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