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Josh Raiffe

New York, USA

Josh Raiffe is passionate about self-expression. He loves to create in a space where emotion and instinct supersede language and rationality. For four generations, the Raiffe family have been toy designers and inventors. Using ingenuity and creativity to bring joy and love to children.

Josh Raiffe continues in the spirit of his family’s tradition but in a new medium. Glass can be a wonderful mixture of science, engineering and wild artistic expression.

While pursuing a BFA at Tyler School of Art Joshua Raiffe worked for Belle Mead Hot Glass, producing blown chandelier parts. As a student he also taught classes at the Crefeld School.

Upon graduating from Tyler, Raiffe received the Steve Stormer Award and the Penland Partner Scholarship, which allowed him to attend the Penland School of Crafts. He has also been fortunate enough to attend classes at Pilchuck and the Bullseye Resource Center in Santa Fe.

Raiffe currently lives and works as a professional artist in Brooklyn. His work has been featured in many publications and galleries around the world.

“I hope people use my work to express themselves by adorning their bodies and their spaces with objects that speak to them.”


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