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Jonas Noël Niedermann

St.Gallen, Switzerland

Jonas Noël Niedermann is a glass artist whose work pushes the boundaries of shape, texture, and material, creating a connection between tradition and the future. A master at his craft, Jonas’ uses glowing and malleable material to examine the tension between history, technology, craftsmanship, and the future of art.

Born in St.Gallen, Switzerland, Jonas attributes his precise eye for shapes and dimensions to the mighty mountain ranges of Val Bregaglia he grew up in. Always fascinated by the grandeur and possibilities of nature, his focus shifted to art at the age of nine during a visit to the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland. He became completely enamored with glass art, and by the time he turned fourteen he had begun his first internship at Glasfachschule in Zwiesel, Germany, where he learned from the Bavarian Masters.

He went on to become an apprentice glass blower at sixteen, before going on to work in studios in Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and the USA. Learning from those who devoted their entire lives to art, he developed a unique appreciation for the intricacies of glass, studying everything from the big picture to the smallest details. As a result he has an artistic voice that is strongly individual while echoing the works of historical greats.

Jonas is a gaffer at Holmegaard Værk in Denmark, working together with artists and designers.

Among his new works are pieces challenging the material assembling an object that redefines the conventional way of working with glass. The applied multiple colour layers interfuse with the core of the object, this "glass magnetism" creates an infinite way of patterns and surfaces revitalising the rigid nature of the material.

Jonas’ work acts as a conversation between the tradition and future of glass craft and design.

His passion and devotion pushes him to constantly seek new methods of creation “I draw the boundaries of my craft further with every experience,” he says. “The goal is art.”


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