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Quim i Txell


“Meritxell Tembleque and Joaquim Falcó are among the representatives of the New Glass movement in Spain. They chose glass as the medium of their artistic trajectory. In the landscape of art glass and especially on the European stage it is not rare to find couples that sign together the authorship of their works. This Catalan couple, however, contributes to the artistic effort in a way that is similar to the theory of communicating vessels: ideas and technical realization are naturally shared and balanced.

Their joint work is meticulous and thoughtful, they deeply investigate a concept through series of sculptures. They are remarkable in their creativity and in their relentless effort to discover and explore new techniques and languages, while preserving their own style, maintaining true to themselves.”

Luisa Martínez García, MAVA Director (Glass Art Museum of Alcorcón)

Joaquim Falcó and Meritxell Tembleque come from sculpture and ceramics and attracted by glass they met at Barcelona Shool Glass in 1992. They discovered in glass a medium for experimentation and expression. They started working together and since the year 2000 they sign their works in co-authorship.

In 1995 they went to the Czech Republic in order to deepen their knowledge of sculptural glass techniques.

Their work has been selected and exhibited in: Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Spain, United Kindom.

They have participated in international glass events such as: Cheongju Craft Biennale 2023, Révélations International Biennial of Crafts and Creation 2023, Biennal Internacional del Vidrio en Iberoamerica BIAVI 2022, Biennale of Glass Bulgaria IBG 2021, The Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2014, European Glass Context 2008 and 2012, The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa 2007.


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