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Giuliano Gaigher

Italy, *1964

It is the material itself, the glass, that speaks, that expresses itself.

Giuliano Gaigher merely extracts its essence, shapes its language and highlights its meaning. Between the folds and opalescents of the glass he discovers messages to which he tries to give order and expression.

He has been doing this for 30 years, since he opened his studio in the heart of northern Italy in 1987. Since then, Giuliano Gaigher has never stopped telling his story through the expressive fragility of matter.

There are many ways to interpret art with glass. Many techniques over the years have led him to experiment with large and small wall thicknesses, dust and threads, but also with suspensions, colours, combinations with metals, woods, stones and sometimes with light. Not to be forgotten are the fascinating effects of fusion and impasto. This is how something new arose and continues to emerge every time, in an unstoppable stream of consciousness in search of the true essence of things and the relationship between external and internal aspects.

On this path, the encounter with spirituality was quite natural: Giuliano Gaigher's works often deal with the themes of transition, the afterlife, life and the world, in which the aesthetics change by stimulating thinking with a more lively, evocative one and symbolic language. Here the space withdrawn from perception is greater, precisely to be supplemented by the work of the imagination, which is called upon to integrate and shape meaning in a completely subjective way.


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